Me, myself and Hi!

Well now – where to start?
This is where i have been prompted to include some ‘Biographcal Info’ about myself for the benefit of you; the readers. I warn you now, i’m not good at this. My CV was so awful in fact that McDonalds wouldn’t even give me a job. Low point…

So, before you continue reading and find yourself unwittingly trapped in a spiral of my self deprecation – i’m offering you the chance to log off, retreat and abandon the virginal voyage of our friend-ship, as it were.

Take a minute to decide…i won’t be offended…

(But… if you leave now, then it’s highly likely that you’ll add to my already raging feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy… no pressure though. It’s your call. I just really hate awkward silences.)

You still there? 
Thanks man – i’m glad you stayed.  It means a lot. I really feel like we’ve got something special going on here. 

Ok, i have to admit that i don’t know how to condense down 25 years of my life into this little box. So, how about we focus on my current situation and discover the future together?

Think of this as like our first date.
(I probably won’t order much because i won’t want you to think i’m greedy – but you can already tell from my double chin that i clearly am. My chin is literally the white elephant in the room)

My name is Karen, and i originally hail from Dudley in the West Midlands region of the UK. You might have heard of it – we have a Zoo. And Noddy Holder. I must stress for legal reasons that the two are NOT connected.

I currently live in London in the ‘vibrant’ New Cross Gate area, where i am attending Goldsmiths University studying for my Masters in Radio.

I like music, comedy, radio, film, taboos, awkward social situations, vices, synomyns, soup and rhyming. Not in a phat, rapping or freestyle sense; actual rhymes. Limes, chimes, mines, crimes…see? And i’ve just discovered that i suffer from Imposter Syndrome. Don’t worry this will all make sense as we get to know each other better.

Basically i’m going to use this space for some of my writings, musings on anything and everything that happens to inspire me that day, anecdotes, some music and to display some of my audio production work. It’s really just an outlet for me to share anything and everything that amuses and entertains me in life which hopefully, in turn, will entertain and amuse you. Albeit briefly.

I think i’ve revealed enough for a first date – i don’t want you to think i’m some sort of slut. I need to retain at least some air of mystery – and dignity about myself.

I had a really good time, and i’d like to see you again…so you know where i am if you need me. 

I’d kiss you goodbye…but i’m too shy, so i’ll awkwardly shake your hand instead. (which i’m secretly enjoying)

Stay Classy!
Kaz xx


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One response to “Me, myself and Hi!

  1. Emma

    Please post your poem’s, you know the world need’s to read “karen has a penis”…for legal reasons and the sake of your future career I would like to confirm she HASN’T actually got one..twas more of a “what if dreams came true” poem…promise!x

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