These Boots Were Made For Walking…

Sorry to post this so soon after breakfast, but as some of you may or may not know, April marks the start of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month & it’s a cause that’s very close to my heart after my Dad sadly lost his battle with it back in 2000.

Cornwall was his favourite place in the entire world, and he had always dreamt of moving our family down there, as he was never happier than when he was out cliff walking and taking in the beautiful scenery of the South West coast – a far cry from staring into the Dudley cut counting the discarded shoes and broken kids bikes whilst trying to dodge the dog shit.

Plus, they have really nice pasties, which I think helped.

So, in a fitting tribute to my Dad and a bid to raise money for Cancer Research UK to help other families and sufferers of this disease, in September of this year I’m going to be walking the entire 300.1 miles of the Cornish Coast line in 14 days from Morwenstow to Cremyll. I haven’t worked out the itinerary yet, but i think that averages out at about 20 miles or so per day…

…and I need your help. At the moment I’m doing this alone, but I would really like someone to do it with me and am looking for one or maybe a couple of people that might be up for joining me as it would be nice to have some company to stop me going mental, slipping off the edge of a cliff like Barry in Eastenders, or to help fight off the advances of an amorous bear. If they even have bears down there, I’m not sure.

But, largely I’d like someone to accompany me because my internal compass is fucked, and I still genuinely get lost as often as a kid in a supermarket. So I need a buddy with legs as strong as an Ox to keep me on track, push me forward and remind me that a diet that consists entirely of Cornish Ice Cream is not sufficient sustenance for this type of challenge.

It’s also likely that you will be called upon to give me a big slap around the face if I start to get drawn towards the local pubs and their delicious pints of Rattlesnake cider, like a Pirate lusting after a mermaid at sea.

I understand that it will be difficult because of the time it takes and you all work very hard, but if you think you might be up for it then please do get in touch and we can get planning/hoarding plasters.

Bowel Cancer is the second biggest cause of cancer death in the UK after lung cancer – prominently in men –  and it’s about time I got off my selfish ass and did something to celebrate the life of Papa Bevan, the most hilarious and generous person that has ever walked this earth; not forgetting all the other family members or friends that have sadly been affected by the biggest C-bomb of them all.

Hope you can join me!

Thanks for reading.




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2 responses to “These Boots Were Made For Walking…

  1. I’ll be there, pushing you in a wheelbarrow the whole way! ❤

  2. Reblogged this on BunnyPudding and commented:
    ❤ Please sponsor us commeth the time lovelies ❤

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